Come and Go by Zuriel Joven

For Weekly Game Jam 160: Nothing Stays Forever.

Come and Go is a short (5-10 minutes) 'notgame' about fleeting interpersonal relationships. Take a journey into an abstract world built from experiences with social interaction. Play until the credits roll.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.

Play with sound on.

Note: If no music or audio plays, try restarting the page and check your volume.

Music: "Better Days" by BenSound

AuthorZuriel Joven
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Ah, this game was pretty good, even if was simple. The mechanics of the gameplay as well as the soundtrack make for a short, emotional playthrough. 


Truly an excellent, deceptively deep game. Though very simple and unassuming in nature, this game expresses what each and everyone of us experiences as we live our lives. Sometimes we love people who don't share the same feelings. Sometimes we find someone whose love seems everlasting, until they fall out of love and you are forced to move on still loving them. And sometimes, we believe we've found our true love, the person that lights up our world, who we see ourselves with forever, only to fall out of love ourselves, and leave them still loving us. This game is simple, but a masterpiece.


That was incredible, I loved the small but essential details that truly conveyed the thought behind your concept. Amazing work!!


The music and visuals really impacted me. Great theme


Nice concept and interesting execution :)